Week 1 (Nov. 17-23, 2013)


Dear students,

In week 1, you are going to complete the following FOUR tasks:

  1. Create an e-mail using Microsoft Outlook.com. Please click HERE to complete this task.
  2. Create  a PrimaryBlogger account, so you can participate actively in our blog. Click HERE to go to this task.
  3. Watch this video if you don’t know how to leave a comment. Then, post your PrimaryBlogger username that you have created in step 2 in a comment. Click HERE to do this task. This will help me to add you to our blog.
  4. Introduce yourself in some sentences. Go to this POST and start leaving a comment talking about yourself.


Please, try to finish all these four tasks by Saturday Nov. 23, 2013.

If you have any problem, please let me know. You can use the chat box in the home page or our Facebook group.