Hello everyone,

After analyzing the survey data and recording teens’ responses, my students used all what they have done in the previous tasks to create some awesome videos using Windows Movie Maker.

Videos in more details:

Teacher Introduction to the Project

How EgyTeens Communicate – Survey Results?

In this video, Esraa Mahmoud, Hasnaa Thabet, Heba Mohamed, and Smaa Ashraf report the survey results that they have done to know more about how EgyTeens communicate with each other.


EgyTeens’ Favorite Way of Communication

In this video, Gehad Karam, Ghada Mohamed, and Omnia Hassan talk about the EgyTeens’ favorite way of communication, what they use it for, and what their parents think about it.


EgyTeens’ Tricks to Use Facebook

In this video, Nourhan Ahmed talks about the EgyTeens’ tricks to convince their parents to use Facebook.


How EgyTeens Convince Parents to Use Facebook?

In this video,Esraa Ahmed tell us more about what EgyTeens do to convince their parents to use Facebook.


I hope you enjoy watching my students’ videos.

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