Play with TouchDevelop & Windows App Studio

Dear students,

TouchDevelop and App StudioAfter sketching your apps, it is time to try TouchDevelopWindows App Studio. Both websites are designed for creating apps. Go to the links and explore them. There you will find some videos and tutorials that can help you to use them. If you need more help, please go to YouTube and find videos from which you can learn and share with your

Your task is not to create apps now. Just go to the links and play to decide which one you are going to use when you start your app.

If you have any questions, please let the conversation go below.
All the best!

Let’s Try the Hour of Code!

Dear students,

3833.TouchDevelop-new210px.png-210x0Every day, you play games and use many apps on your mobile phones. Have you ever thought of creating an app or a game yourselves? Don’t think a lot! Now, you can do it in a few steps using one of Microsoft free tools called “TouchDevelop”. It allows you to write codes, edit, run and share them with the whole world.

To share your love for coding, it is time to spend an hour of code during this week (Dec. 8 – 14, 2014). All students from different corners of the world take part in this event.







What are you waiting for?

Go to this link and start your journey. Once you finish, upload your certificate below in the comments box.
All the best!