Week 5 Group 1 Task: Analyzing the Survey Data

Dear students,

This task will be completed by:

  • Heba Mohamed
  • Smaa Ashraf
  • Esraa Mahmoud
  • Hasnaa Thabet

You are going to do the following tasks:

  • Download this file that includes all the survey data you are going to work on.
  • Convert the survey data into Pie or Column Charts using Excel.
  • To know how to convert data into charts using Excel, please follow the steps in this post.
  • Explain what you can see in these charts.You can see the comment I wrote below as an example.
  • Before starting your task, choose the level (Excellent, Very Good, Good, or Needs Improvement) that you want to get at the end.

Final Charts Rubric

I’m looking forward to seeing your work.