What do you think of our project?

Hello everyone,

My students have done an amazing job. Please, kindly leave a comment to encourage them to do more or thank them for their great efforts. If you like to ask them or their teacher any question about the project, please feel free to ask it here.

Here is a brief introduction about the project:

Thanks so much for your time!
🙂 🙂

What have you learned during the project?

Dear students,

At last, it is the end of our project.

lessons-learned1Really, it is a very great chance to work with you all. You were so hard-working, creative, and helpful to each other. Throughout all these weeks, you did a great job. Although it took a lot of our time, we learned a lot of skills in this project.

Please, let us know what things you have learned. You can talk about the skills of English you improved, for example, writing, reading, speaking, listening, using vocabulary and grammar, pronunciation, punctuation, translating and correcting mistakes. You can also talk about the tools you have learned to use and how you worked in groups to complete tasks.

I’m waiting for your reflections!