Week 6 Group 2 Task: Creating a Video using Movie Maker

Dear students,

This task will be completed by:

  1. Gehad Karam
  2. Omnia Hassan
  3. Ghada Mohamed
  4. Nourhan Ahmed
  5. Esraa Ahmed

You are going to o the following tasks:

  • Using Movie Maker, create a video putting your recording that you recorded last week and some pictures which are related to the information you are talking about.
  • To start creating your video using Movie Maker, please download this file: How to use Windows Movie Maker.
  • Once you finish your video, upload it to this link.
  • Before starting your task, choose the level (Excellent, Very Good, Good, or Needs Improvement) that you want to get at the end.

Final Video Rubric

  • Once you finish, leave a comment here and tell me what things you liked about making videos and the problems you have faced during your work.
  • I’m looking to watching your videos!

How to use Movie Maker!

Dear students,

Windows Movie Maker is a great free program that helps you to turn your pictures, audio files and movies to wonderful videos. You can also add titles, and sentences over your pictures.

Windows Movie Maker – Old Version:movie maker logo

To know how to use this old version of Movie Maker, please follow the steps below. You can also go to this link to view the full file: