Let’s Party!

Dear students,

It is the end of our project. Really, I don’t have enough words to thank everyone of you. You always surprise and amaze me. I’m proud of you all. Your hard work to create new things, persistence to do the best, team work, helping each other, and encouraging each other are among a lot of things I learned from you. Your collaboration is a great example to be followed in other projects. Big Thanks For You!

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Card 3 At last, we can celebrate our success. Please, discuss with each other when you want to have our party. Don’t think about where it will be held because our Facebook Group is the suitable place that we have now.

 Here are my presents for you:

If you would like to download your Badge and the Project Mug, please let me know to share them with you on our Facebook Group.

Teacher Presents(1)

Certificate of Completion:

Please, give me some more time to design a good-looking certificate for you. Your suggestions and ideas for creating a fabulous certificate are very welcomed. You can share your design or a picture of what you wish to receive in a comment below.

Certificate example

Let’s Enjoy the Party!

The last thing we can do together is to eat cakes, drink some juice, and chat with each other for the last time about what we have enjoyed and what you plan for your future. If you have more cakes and drinks, you can share them with us in a comment below.

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I wish you the best, my lovely girls 🙂 😉