Hello everyone,

To explore how Egyptian teens communicate with each other in the 21st century, my students followed the steps below:

The First Step:

All the project’s members discussed what questions they could ask teens about their ways of communication. Then, they created a survey using They took it first to find out any problems before sharing it in public. Once they modified it taking all the project members’ suggestions into consideration, they started to share it online on their pages, and groups. They also photocopied the survey and interviewed a lot of teens either inside or outside school face-to-face.

Here is a direct copy of the survey that my students used to collect the data.

The Second Step:

A group of students used Microsoft Excel program to convert the survey data into charts, and then try to explain them using their own words. To see this group’s work, kindly go to this post.

The Last Step:

Putting my remarks of assessment in mind, this group revised their charts and explanations, then used them to create a flyer about how EgyTeens communicate. Here is a direct link to students’ flyer.


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