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translate-630x630The second part of the project survey involves some questions that need to be answered in detail. Some participants responded in English and others responded in Arabic. My students’ first task was to correct the English answers of teens and translate other responses from Arabic into English. I used SkyDrive “Microsoft Office Web Apps” to find a place where students can collaborate and help each other online.

Here is a direct link to the shared file in which my students corrected the English responses of teens.

Here is a direct link to the shared file in which my students translated the Arabic answers of teens to English.

The Second Task:


It was to record the Egyptian teens’ responses about their favorite ways of communication and their parents’ opinions about using these ways. A group of students worked together to complete this task. Each member chose an idea and collected all the teens’ responses that talked about it, then they recorded it using the Audacity program. Here are their recordings accompanying them with transcripts:

1. Gehad Karam:



I’m Gehad Karam. I’m a first-year student at EL-Hag Hadad secondary school. I’m working on a project with Miss Azhar. It is about how teens communicate with each other. In this recording, I’m going to talk about what is their favorite way of communication? and what things they do with it.

  • After analyzing the survey, we found that Facebook is the most favorite way of communication among Egyptian teens about 60% of them.
  • Some teens said that they use it to chat with their friends, family and relatives who live in remote places, share news, photos, and videos with them, listen to music and enjoy playing games.
  • Other teens use it to discuss their opinions, and feelings with others.
  • They also try to find new friends from all over the world to communicate with. Through this communication, they can learn the English language more easily and know more about other people’s  opinions and ways of thinking.
  • This is how some Egyptian teens spend their time on Facebook.
  • Thank you for listening!

2. Ghada Mohamed:


Hi everybody,

I’m Ghada Mohamed. I’m a student in Miss Azhar’s English class. Also, I would like to talk more about how Egyptian teens spend their time on Facebook.

  • The survey results showed that some teens use Facebook to study with their friends, solve their problems, do activities with their teachers, and search for information.
  • Other teens use it to post their political thoughts and invite others who are older than them to discuss and correct their opinions.
  • A few of them said that they use Facebook to know the news taking place in the world and trying to take part by sharing and commenting.
  • I can say that Facebook is useful for school activities and can be a meeting place where teachers and students can communicate and work together.
  • I hope this would be interesting to listen to! See you!

3. Omnia Hassan:


Hello everyone,

I’m Omnia Hassan / Sarah Ahmed. In these days, I’m working with my English teacher Miss Azhar and my friends on a project called “Way 2 communicate”. For me, I will tell you something about how parents think of Facebook as a popular way of communication.

  • Most of the teens said that their parents don’t allow them to use Facebook because it affects their study badly and wastes their time.
  • They think that it is the main reason behind their bad marks in the exams.
  • They also find it so bad for their eyes because teens forget the time when using Facebook with friends.
  • Other teens said that their parents think Facebook affects badly their language and words. That’s why they don’t allow using it too much.
  • This is what parents think of Facebook!
  • Thank you for listening.

4. Nourhan Ahmed:


Hi everyone,

I’m Nourhan Ahmed. I’m so happy to work with my friends on “way 2 communicate” project. For me, I’m going to talk about teens’ tricks and funny ways to convince their parents to use Facebook.

  • Some teens said that they use Facebook without telling their parents at all. Maybe at night or during their parents’ sleep.
  • Other teens don’t obey their parents’ orders or help them in the housework if they don’t allow them to use Facebook.
  • One of the most interesting tricks that teens said is to create Facebook account to their parents and let them try the fun of chatting and sharing.
  • I love the last idea because we discuss things with them and give them time to try and to make a decision.
  • Thanks for listening!

 5. Esraa Ahmed:


Hello guys,

I’m Esraa Ahmed. I’m one of the “way 2 communicate” project team. In this recording, I will talk about what good things teens do to convince their parents to use Facebook.

  • Most of the teens choose only one day each week to chat with their friends.
  • Some other teens said that they study hard and finish their school work first, then ask their parents to use Facebook for a short time as a break.
  • They also tell their parents that they use it to do some school researches and projects with their teachers and friends.
  • A lot of them said that they find it a great way to communicate with teachers outside the class when they need a help in the lessons they had at school.
  • One of the most interesting ideas shared by teens is to organize time to study hard and use their favorite tools daily. I love this idea. I will give it a try!
  • Thanks so much for listening!

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