Let’s Try the Hour of Code!


Dear students,

3833.TouchDevelop-new210px.png-210x0Every day, you play games and use many apps on your mobile phones. Have you ever thought of creating an app or a game yourselves? Don’t think a lot! Now, you can do it in a few steps using one of Microsoft free tools called “TouchDevelop”. It allows you to write codes, edit, run and share them with the whole world.

To share your love for coding, it is time to spend an hour of code during this week (Dec. 8 – 14, 2014). All students from different corners of the world take part in this event.







What are you waiting for?

Go to this link and start your journey. Once you finish, upload your certificate below in the comments box.
All the best!

59 thoughts on “Let’s Try the Hour of Code!

  1. Hey miss 🙂 i’m so happy to back work again with u and with the other girls 😀 and I will do all my best again ……….

  2. Hi Miss …..
    I am very happy to work again with my friends 🙂 , very proud of you all 😀 and very excited to enter again in the challenge against despair 🙂

    • Great News, my lovely girl.
      I am so proud of you because you didn’t only spend an hour trying TouchDevelop, but also you played with all games to fix them. You seem like playing with codes. I am looking forward to seeing your app.

      All the best!

  3. Hello Miss, and my friends,

    I miss you all, and miss working with you so much .. 🙂
    and I’m so happy to back working again with you.

  4. I want to congratulate everyone here. You’ve done a very wonderful job, especially you miss Azhar 🙂 . I hope we get the best place in this contest, in sha Allah. I will do everything to get the first place and please my lovely teacher 🙂

    That’s all
    Thanks 🙂

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