Welcome Back, My Lovely Girls!


Dear lovely girls,

Welcome Back!
Really, I am so happy to meet you online again.









As we discussed in our meeting at school, there are many things to do together. Are you ready? I am sure you can do more and more to help your friends learn better. In this stage of project, you are not only learners who look for new things to do, but also a group of leaders who will create educational apps and give a hand to students when trying out your own products.

Now, please tell me how you feel about your new job in the project. Can you be good leaders?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

13 thoughts on “Welcome Back, My Lovely Girls!

    • Dear Sarah,
      It is a great honor to work with you, my lovely girl. I know you can do many things. How do you feel abut your new job? You are not just a student, but also a leader who can help and lead other students. Are you happy with this new job? And what can you do for other students when making our new apps?

      I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Dear Ghada,
      Me,too. I am so excited to work with you again. Are you happy with the new job? I mean as a leader.What can you do to other students when creating our new apps?
      I am looking forward to hearing from you!

      • Second being a leader gives me the burden as an adult person, so communication with students is important as we’re the app creators. Also students would need help, so we will help them and guide them.

        • Wow!
          I love your answer so much. Yes, I agree with you. Being a leader is not an easy job, but I now you can do it so beautifully. I trust in your abilities. We just need to know how to create an app and how to use it effectively.

          I hope we can do something so great!
          I am waiting great things from you!

  1. Hello My lovely Miss … Hello My Friends,
    How are you all?
    I hope you are well all. First, I want to tell you my dear Miss Azhar that I feel Proud of myself when I finish my new job and feel so happy to go back working with you and my friends. I promise you that I will do my best to be a successful leader as it is not an easy job, but I will do my best to make you proud and happy of me.

    • Wow!
      Me, too Kholoud, I am so happy to work with you again. Also, I am sure you will make me proud of you. Imagine now you are a leader, what can you do for other students?

      I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. Hi my miss and my friends,

    It is wonderful to work with you on this project. Also I am very excited to create this application, and learn how to program. Also, it’s a great challenge to be a leader. I hope to succeed in doing this new job. Helping people in this application will be very great, and the most impressive is their smiles on their faces when trying this application. All these hopes and fantasies are in my head, but it will become a reality soon in Shaa Allah 🙂 . I pray God to help us in this project 🙂 …..Thanks 🙂

    • Dear Esraa,
      Always you amaze me. This time you are so active and complete tasks so beautifully. I wonder what your app will look like and what you can do to help other students when trying your gorup’s app. I hope we can learn new things together.

      All the best!

  3. Hi everyone,
    I’m happy to work with you Miss and my lovely friends.
    I hope to do my best and make you proud of me.
    For being a leader, I think I’ll be a good leader 🙂

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