Final Project Winners


Dear students,

Really, you did a great job throughout the project.  All of you deserve a big like for your hard work and helping each other to complete the tasks on time. It is time to announce the final winners. There are THREE places. You can get more than one place depending on what you have done.

Here is our list of winners:

The First Place:

First Place Final

  • Nourhan Ahmed for creating the best recording and video.
  • Safy Sabry and Gehad Karam for being the best helpers.
  • Esraa Mahmoud, Hasnaa Thabet, Heba Mohamed, and Smaa Ashraf for being the best work team and creating so amazing survey charts, flyer and video.
  • Esraa Ahmed for her persistence to try many times to create an amazing recording and video.
  • Sarah Nageh for leading her group to create the poster.
  • Safy Sabry, Sarah Nageh, Dana Ayman, and Kholoud Hussein for working together to complete their tasks.
  • Omnia Hassan, Nourhan Ahmed, Ghada Mohamed, and Gehad Karam for working and helping each other to complete their tasks.
  • Sarah Ahmed and Ghada Mohamed for catching up the weeks’ tasks that they have missed.
  • Safy Sabry, Kholoud Hussein, Sarah Nageh, Ghada Mohamed, and Heba Mohamed for commenting on posts (32-21 comments) and replying to and actively interacting with others.

The Second Place:

Second Place Final

  • Gehad Karam, Ghada Mohamed, and Omnia Hassan for creating great recordings and group video.
  • Safy Sabry for creating a great poster.
  • Safy Sabry, Dana Ayman, Sarah Nageh, and Kholoud Hussein for creating a great presentation putting all what they have done in the project.
  • Nourhan Ahmed, Esraa Ahmed, Gehad Karam, Dana Ayman, and Sarah Ahmed for commenting on posts and replying to their friends (15-12 comments).

The Third Place:

Third Place final

  • Dana Ayman for creating a very good poster.
  • Sarah Nageh, Kholoud Hussein, and Sarah Ahmed for creating a good collaborative poster.
  • Esraa Mahmoud, Smaa Ashraf, Omnia Hassan, and Hasnaa Thabet for commenting on posts (9-6 comments).

All of you are hard working, creative, helpful to each other, and working as one team throughout the whole project. You deserve the following badges:

Hard working badge


badge4 Team Badge


All the best!

6 thoughts on “Final Project Winners

    • Dear Heba,
      I just want to tell you that you are a very smart student. You always surprise me by your persistence to do the best leading your group in a very great way.

      Congratulations to you and your group members!
      You have done a great job 🙂

    • Dear Safy,
      Again and again, you are a very active and energetic student. Always, you do lovely work helping all friends around you to walk together n the project.

      You are the best helper!
      Congratulations!! Keep up the great work!
      All the best!

    • Dearest Ghada,
      Thanks so much for being here with us. You always amaze me when you finish the tasks you missed in the previous weeks. You are such a person who can achieve things under difficult circumstances and situations.

      Wish you the best 🙂

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