What have you learned during the project?


Dear students,

At last, it is the end of our project.

lessons-learned1Really, it is a very great chance to work with you all. You were so hard-working, creative, and helpful to each other. Throughout all these weeks, you did a great job. Although it took a lot of our time, we learned a lot of skills in this project.

Please, let us know what things you have learned. You can talk about the skills of English you improved, for example, writing, reading, speaking, listening, using vocabulary and grammar, pronunciation, punctuation, translating and correcting mistakes. You can also talk about the tools you have learned to use and how you worked in groups to complete tasks.

I’m waiting for your reflections!

35 thoughts on “What have you learned during the project?

  1. Hello everyone,
    For myself, I have learned a lot of things such as:-

    – Helping others who need my help.
    – Talking in English very well.
    – Doing all my best to complete my tasks.
    – If my work isn’t good, I will never lose hope because we have a lot of chances to do it again and again till getting Excellent. I love the idea of giving another chance!
    – Learning more about tools of communication int he 21st century.

    At the end, I would like to thank Miss Azhar Youssef. We can never succeed without her help.
    Wish you the best to you!

    • Dear Esraa,

      I’m so happy your English improved. Yes, you were always helpful for your friends giving them a hand when they need it. I agree with you that giving another chance is a great way to improve learning. I always do that with you. What I care about is not just the marks or levels, but also how one tries and tries many times to make things better.

      Thanks so much for being one of the project members. You were always creative and crazy girl 😉

  2. Hi Miss,
    This project taught me a lot of beautiful things and new programs that I did not know previously. Now, I can use Movie Maker to create great videos, use Microsoft programs such as Excel to analyze results and many other programs. And the most valuable things I learned are to work hard to get tasks done and the cooperation between friends and working as one hand in completing this great project. This project also increased my knowledge about how to communicate and speak in English beautifully.

    Thanks so much Miss.

    • Dear Hasnaa,
      In spite of the weak internet you have, you did an amazing job. You worked hard with your friends. Your voice in the recordings is so charming. Really, you speak English beautifully. Also, you are a great interviewer. I saw how brave you are when talking to the school director and teachers asking them about their opinions concerning Facebook.

      Your cooperation was of a valuable importance throughout the project. Thanks for everything 🙂

  3. Hi Miss,

    I’ve learned many useful things from this project. I learned to speak English very well. I learned many new words and definitions. I learned how to use the internet to improve my language. And I realized that patience and hard work are the keys to success. I know now how to contact many people in different ways. What I liked the most in this project is how to work in team and help each other.

    Many thanks for you, Miss.

    • Dear Smaa,
      I’m so happy your language has improved. You always surprise me. Your voice is very powerful that attracts your audience to listen to you and know more about what you have done. You and your team members were the best team throughout the project. You all created a nice atmosphere that helped you to work happily and help each other constantly to do the best.

      Big Like to you!

  4. Hello Miss,
    Hi my best friends,
    I do not exaggerate when I say that I learned a lot from this project. I learned to work hard and to work in groups in order to accomplish our tasks. I learned how to cooperate with my friends and help each other. During this project, I used many sites that I did not know before. And more importantly, this project has increased my relationship with my friends more and more. Now, We spend most of our time with each other thinking and working on tasks together. I learned that it is not important for one to be the best in everything, but the most important thing is to try to be better. I learned to speak English very well through my continuous practice and use of it in the tasks we were doing. I learned how to be patient, cooperative and helpful because one could not live a lone.

    In the end, I want to thank Miss Azhar Youssef so much for her hard work and help.
    I’m really happy to work with you, Miss.

    • Wow!
      My lovely girl Heba,
      You are a very smart, creative, cooperative, and helpful girl. I always find you helpful for your friends leading them to do the best. Your work and comments are very inspiring. Your writing is so neat and grammatically correct. You can work under difficult circumstances. I never forget your persistence to upload the final video of your group although you have no internet in that time. You always ask me to give you some feedback to revise and edit your work before the deadline.

      Really, we are lucky to have you with us in this project.
      I wish you the best 🙂

  5. Hello Miss,

    I’ll tell you what I learned from this great project. The first thing that I learned is how to be cooperative and help each other. On the other hand, I’ve learned a lot of new words in English. This will help me a lot in my studies. Also, I learned how to use many new tools that can develop my skills and help me to be creative. I also got a huge idea about ways of communication in the 21st century and how Egyptian teens communicate with each other.

    Thanks a lot Miss!

    • Dear Esraa,
      Although you were so calm, but your work and comments were so valuable. I’m so happy to know that working with us on our project can help you in your school study. I agree with you that using the project tools such as Excel, Movie Maker, AutoCollage, Glogster, Smore …etc. increase creativity and help you to know what abilities you have. Your voice in the recordings attracted my attention. It is so calm and sweet.

      Thanks for your work with us.
      All the best 🙂

  6. Hi Miss and everyone,

    I would like to tell you more about what I have learned from this project: 🙂
    First, I have met a lot of the nicest friends. I learned a lot of things such as using new programs and tools that help me to improve my learning. I also learned to write in English well. I did not write it well before this project. Now, I can speak fluently and use my language to communicate with others. In addition, I got an idea about the ways of communication other use in their lives.

    Last, I would like to thank my wonderful teacher because she helped us a lot.

    Thanks a lot Miss! 🙂

    • Dear Sarah,
      Thanks so much for your lovely words. It is great news to know that this project helped you to write and speak in English fluently. Your work is fabulous and well-organized. You also have some great characteristics to be a good leader. I noticed that when you led your team to create the collaborative poster. I loved your way to encourage them and ask for their suggestions before working. I also noticed how much time you took to organize and plan for your tasks to amaze me as usual.

      Thanks so much for being one of our team.
      All the best 🙂

      • Thanks Miss for your lovely words about me. I learned from you how to be a good teacher. If I have the chance to work as a teacher in the future, I will be like you.
        Thanks a lot Miss 🙂
        And I am very sad because the project has finished 🙁

        • Dear Sarah,
          I’m so happy that you like to follow my steps in teaching. Do you want to be a teacher? Really, I want to know what you would like to be in the future. I can add this to your profile in the students’ page.

          I’m looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

          • No Miss, I have not decided yet. I want to say that I love your steps in teaching and I am very impressed by them.

  7. Hi everyone,

    First, I want to thank my lovely teacher Miss Azhar for this beautiful experience with her and my friends. I also want to express how happy I feel when doing this project. I want to thank my teacher and my friends for helping me. In this project, I learned a lot and a lot of experiences like how to use many ways to communicate like Outlook, blog, and some other programs like AutoCollage, Movie Maker, and voice recording by Audacity. I hope we win in the project competition.

    I hope to all of you to be happy and keeping move forward 🙂

    • Dear Gehad,
      We hope to get the first place. Thanks so much for being helpful to your friends. I know this took a lot of your time, but you did it beautifully. You always work hard and try to do things a lone without asking for help. Also, you always ask for my feedback to do the best. I’m sure your dream will come true and your parents will be so proud of you.

      Really, I’m so happy to have you with us in this project.
      All the best 🙂

      • Thanks Miss for your words. It was my honor to work with you. You are really a great person 🙁
        And we all hope to get the first place.
        All the best to you, too Miss.

  8. Hello Miss,

    I will tell you what I have learned from this wonderful project ^_^

    First, I met a lot of great friends and I had the honor to closely know my wonderful teacher. I just want to tell you that all the tasks which we have done were very impressive. I feel I made many great things and I’m proud of myself because I did all these things myself and with my friends. Also, I can speak English very well now. This thanks to our great teacher. I feel so happy because I’m a part of this wonderful experience.

    Thank you Miss Azhar a lot for your support ^_^

    • Dear Sarah,
      Thanks so much for your inspiring comment. I agree with you that this project helped me a lot to know everyone of you; your names, your abilities, and your ways of thinking. Really, I feel so happy knowing you all. You are very creative girls that you need just a push to showcase your creativity. You also made a good point when telling us how proud you are of what you have done. All students should have this sense of pride that they can do something innovative and creative as you did.

      I never forget your activity when you start completing tasks. I love your way of learning that depends on using what you have and creating new things with your own touch.

      We are honored to have you with us in this project.
      I wish you the best 🙂

  9. Hi Miss,
    Hi my friends,

    I’ve learned a lot from this project like:
    – Learning how to speak English very well, working with each other, working hard to complete tasks, helping who need my help and using new programs and web tools.
    – I learned to “Follow the Success of Cooperation”. Really, collaborating with each to create new things has a significant impact on my learning and study.
    – Finally, I like to thank Miss Azhar Youssef so much for helping us to do the best.


    • Dear Doda,
      Really, I enjoyed working with you. I loved your persistence to complete tasks beautifully. I admired your slogan “Follow the Success of Cooperation” 🙂 Yes, cooperating and collaborating with each other helped you to create very wonderful products. Thinking together about one thing increases your productivity and provides you with a lot of chances to discuss and reach your goal so easily.

      You were a calm girl, but creative and helpful to all your friends and teacher when asking you to check things.

      Smile all the time …. your smile is so charming!
      All the best 🙂

  10. Hello everyone,

    I have learned a lot of things from this project such as:

    – Speaking and writing English fluently.
    – Attention to grammar when I write and speak in English.
    – Helping each other without waiting the same from them.
    – Increasing the relationship with some friends by working in groups.
    – Trying to finish the tasks before the end of time.
    – Using many new programs and tools that I never heard about.
    – Learning more about the ways of communication in the 21st century.
    – Starting organizing our time.
    – Trying to do the best all time, and not to lose hope.
    – The most important thing I learned is that when we cooperate, we can do the best.

    These are some of what I learned. I do not exaggerate when I say that I learned a lot, but I can not express them clearly in words.

    In the end,

    I want to thank Miss Azhar Youssef. All the great things we have done thanks to her support and help 🙂

    Thanks Miss a lot 🙂

    • Dear Safy,
      I also have no enough words to thank you for participating in our project. Your contributions, help, and creative ideas are of great value to all of us. You were the first to complete tasks, leave comments, and share your friends’ work. You are the best helper and commentator throughout the project. Your written English is so beautiful and grammatically correct.

      Your way to print screen was very valuable to your friends. Your tutorial helped them to share their problems instantly and try to solve them together. You were online most of time replying and guiding them when I wasn’t available. Really, you are a perfect model to follow.

      I wish you the best, my lovely girl 🙂

  11. Hi Miss,

    First, it is enough for me to know such an intelligent and helpful teacher like you 🙂 ♥
    Now, I will say what I’ve learned from this wonderful project:

    – Speaking and writing in English correctly.
    – Trying new programs that I don’t know before and using them to create new things.
    – I also loved the way we work together and cooperate to do the best.
    – What I liked the most is the challenges that we were facing when doing our tasks in this project. They made us strive for success and try to do our best to complete them.

    Thanks for your help and standing beside me when I needed a hand!

    • Dear Nour,
      It is a great honor to work with you, my lovely girl. I’m so impressed by your persistence to try and try again to create the best things. I agree with you that these challenges increased our well and desire to succeed. I never forget your hard work till the morning in order to complete your weekly tasks. Really, I’m proud of you. Although you joined us a little bit late, you managed to catch up that activities to be the best in creating the recording and video.

      You deserve the best of the best.
      Thanks for being one of our team 🙂

  12. Hello Miss,
    Hello my friends,

    I would like to tell you all that I learned many things from the project such as:

    1. Helping my friends.
    2. Speaking English well.
    3. Using new tools and new programs on the internet and my computer that I never know before.
    4. Writing English correctly through commenting and replying to our Facebook Group and blog’s posts.
    5. Knowing much information about how Egypteens communicate with each other in the 21st century.

    Finally, I can say that we learned many useful things in this project. Last but not least, I must thank my lovely teacher Miss Azhar Youssef for her help to us all. Without her support, me and my friends can not do anything.

    Thanks so much my dear Miss!

    • Dear Kholoud,
      Thanks so much for your nice words. Throughout the project, you worked hard to complete the tasks on time. I liked the most your comments and creating a line of dialogue between you and your friends who reply to your comments.

      Your cooperation with your team to create the presentation was so fabulous. All your touches were very valuable and added more meaning to the work.

      Thanks so much for your contributions 🙂
      All the best!

  13. Hi everyone,

    I learned a lot and a lot from this project 😀 during my participation, for example:

    – To use a lot of useful sites, and new programs.
    – To take responsibility and insist on reaching my goals.
    – To communicate with teenagers and try to understand their problems.
    – Working in teams is very important that we used a lot to complete tasks.
    – It also helped me a lot to share my thoughts, ideas and feelings freely.
    – Really, it Was a useful experience and I hope to last forever 😀

    Thanks Miss 😀
    You are a perfect teacher!

    • Dear Ghada,
      Your comment is so inspiring. You made a good point when you talked about taking responsibility and achieving goals. In this project, I tried to give you the lead to be responsible for what you were doing. During the past 3 weeks, you worked very hard to catch up the weekly tasks and achieve great levels and badges. Really, I’m proud of you, my lovely girl.

      I’m so happy that this project provided you a chance to share and express your thoughts, ideas,suggestions, and feelings freely. This is one of the project’s goals. This means I succeeded to do it 🙂 😀

      Although you joined a little bit late, you did an amazing job. You are a high achiever, creative, and critical thinker.

      It is an honor to have you with us here 🙂
      All the best!

  14. Hi Miss,

    I’m happy to talk about what I have learned in this project 🙂

    – Learning to cooperate and collaborate with my friends.
    – Learning how to use new programs such as Movie Maker, Audacity, and AutoCollage.
    – Helping friends.
    – learning new words in English and how to translate from Arabic into English.
    – Knowing more about the good and bad points of communication means in the 21st century.
    – Getting a huge idea about the favorite means of communication among teenagers, why they love using them, and why their parents refuse to use them.
    – The most beautiful thing in the project is to work with my best teacher and friends.

    Thank you Miss!
    This project is so useful for me.
    I will miss doing the weekly tasks 🙂

    • Dear Omnia,
      Thanks so much for your nice words. I’m also feel blessed to work with you. I’m so happy to know that this project helped your to translate and get some new words that are useful to your study. I never forget how energetic you were when interviewing other teens to collect data about their favorite tool of communication and why their parents refuse using it. I also loved your cooperation with your team to create amazing recordings and videos encouraging and helping them to complete them on time.

      It is great to have you with us in this project.
      I wish you the best 🙂

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