Week 6 Group 3 Task: Creating a Poster using Canva


Dear students,

This task will be completed by:

  • Safy Sabry
  • Dana Ayman
  • Sarah Nageh
  • Kholoud Hussin
  • Sarah Ahmed

You are going to do the following tasks:

  • Create a poster using Canva about how EgyTeens communicate with each other. Plan for your poster first. I mean think of the idea and then get started. You can use all what you have done so far. You can add titles, text, background, photos while working, links to the files of translation, your friends’ recordings, your presentation, survey flyer, our blog link, … etc.
  • Everyone will create a poster and then share it in a comment below.
  • To start your poster using Canva, please follow the steps in the video below.
  • Don’t forget to choose FREE photos on Canva. This will help you to save the poster as an image.

  • Before starting your task, choose the level (Excellent, Very Good, Good, or Needs Improvement) that you want to get at the end.

Small Canva Poster Rubric

  • I’m looking forward to seeing your posters.

8 thoughts on “Week 6 Group 3 Task: Creating a Poster using Canva

  1. Dear Safy,
    I liked your poster. It is well-organized and attractive. You can add more sentences to make your message clearer and attract audience to interact with.
    Thanks so much for your great efforts.

    • Dear Safy,
      Your first draft of your poster needs more work. You can choose colors that go with each other. The dark color of fonts on dark background needs to be changed. You can also use frames for your photos.

      I know you can add a beautiful touch šŸ˜‰
      All the best!

      • Safy, please ask Dana Ayman to do the same. I mean to share her final poster here. It would be great to present what you have done with your friends and other people who will visit your page.

        I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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