Week 6 Group 2 Task: Creating a Video using Movie Maker


Dear students,

This task will be completed by:

  1. Gehad Karam
  2. Omnia Hassan
  3. Ghada Mohamed
  4. Nourhan Ahmed
  5. Esraa Ahmed

You are going to o the following tasks:

  • Using Movie Maker, create a video putting your recording that you recorded last week and some pictures which are related to the information you are talking about.
  • To start creating your video using Movie Maker, please download this file: How to use Windows Movie Maker.
  • Once you finish your video, upload it to this link.
  • Before starting your task, choose the level (Excellent, Very Good, Good, or Needs Improvement) that you want to get at the end.

Final Video Rubric

  • Once you finish, leave a comment here and tell me what things you liked about making videos and the problems you have faced during your work.
  • I’m looking to watching your videos!

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