Week 6 Group 1 Task: Creating a Flyer using Smore


Dear students,

This task will be completed by:

  • Heba Mohamed
  • Smaa Ashraf
  • Esraa Mahmoud
  • Hasnaa Thabet

You are going to do the following tasks:

  • Create a flyer (or poster) using www.smore.com putting the survey charts and the explanations you did last week.
  • You can also create a video using all the charts and the recorded explanations, then add it to the flyer. Go to this post to learn how to create a video.
  • To know how to use www.smore.com, please follow the steps in this post.
  • Before starting your task, choose the level (Excellent, Very Good, Good, or Needs Improvement) that you want to get at the end.

Final Flyer Rubric

  • Once you finish your flyer, please share it in a comment below to give your some feedback.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing your work.

15 thoughts on “Week 6 Group 1 Task: Creating a Flyer using Smore

    • Thanks Miss,
      It is one of the many things that we learnt from this project. We learnt how to be one hand and like one man, and to love each other more and more. Thanks, Miss so much!

      • Dear Heba,
        I’m so happy to hear that. Also, I learned a lot from working with you. I feel so excited to know what you can do. Helping you is another great thing I love to do.

        I’m looking forward to watching your video!

    • Dear Heba Mohamed, Esraa Mahmoud, Smaa Ashraf, and Hasnaa Thabet,

      Although you find it difficult to use the internet, your work is so awesome. You did an amazing job.Please, try to use what I have discussed with you to be make your video better and better.

      I’m sure you can do the best.
      Good Luck!

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