Week 4 Task 3: Ask Teens’ Parents …


Dear students,

After sharing the survey and collecting teens’ responses, the results showed that 60% of the 304 teens who completed it prefer “Facebook” as a way of communication. See the image below:

Favorite way 2

Teens use Facebook for many reasons, for example, it’s more fun, the easiest, the most common among them, and it gives them more time to think how to reply deeply. They also use it for many purposes, for example, to chat and study with their friends, find new friends, share opinions, photos, and videos, share their political opinions and many other things.

Although it is a useful tool for teens, their parents don’t allow them to use it in the school days. Parents think that it wastes time and badly affects their studies. See the image below:

Parents in school days

Your task now is to interview some parents and ask them the following questions:

  • Why do you refuse to allow your teens to use Facebook? 
  • What other tools do you suggest for teens to communicate with each other?
  • Don’t forget to take a photo for you with the parents you are going to interview.

Once you finish this task:

  • Write a comment below about why parents refuse to allow their teens to use Facebook and what other tools they have suggested to communicate.
  • You can also tell me how you feel when you interviewed parents and talked with them.
  • Upload the photos you have taken below with your comment.
  • I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

25 thoughts on “Week 4 Task 3: Ask Teens’ Parents …

  1. Hello Miss,
    I collected responses but, I did not take photos. Can I write them until taking photos?
    Please reply to me soon.

  2. Hi dear Miss and friends,

    The parents whom I met refuse to use Facebook because it affects our study, and also affects our eyes. They think it spoils our thoughts and affect many other things. They allow us to use a lot of tools that exist in our society, but very cautiously because they are harmful to health (because the higher the technology has evolved, the greater the spread of disease).

    This is what they think about our way of communication.

    • Dear Nourhan.
      Great interview. So, They refuse allowing their teens to use it because it affects their study, health and thoughts. I also love the idea of technology, but you know sometimes technology makes our life easier.

  3. Hello Miss,

    Some parents whom I met agree and some other of them refuse to use Facebook. When I asked them why?!

    – Those who refused told me that it affects the study and you may recognize some of the not real identities.
    – And those Who agreed to use Facebook told me that it’s a good way to help us communicate with all the people all over the world and you may learn a lot of good things if you use it well.

    At the end, I want to tell you Miss that I have enjoyed a lot when I talked with parents. I felt that it’s important to them. That’s why they discussed with me to know why we are interested in our project and use Facebook.

    I really enjoyed 🙂

    • Dear Safy,
      Thanks so much for your great comment. Really, I love both opinions. Parents are right when they feel worried about your study and those who are not real people. But, as we discussed before we can study and use our favorite tool if we organize our time.

      I think teens are the main reason behind parents’ refusal of using Facebook because they forget time when chatting and sharing with their friends. You have to be more organized.

      I also love the other opinion of parents. They are open–minded, indeed. It is a great chance to know more about other people from other areas of the world and learn from them. Great opinion!

      Thanks so much for letting me know about your experience with teens’ parents.

  4. Yes Miss,
    I agree with you. We all forget time when chatting and sharing with our friends. This is not the problem of one Teenager . . This is a problem for all. But after a lot of discussions, We reached a solution … “Just To Organize Our Time” 🙂

    Thanks Miss 🙂

    • Dear Safy,
      I love your opinion. It is great to accept other opinions and reach your own point of view. You always surprise me.

      I hope you start organizing your time this term!
      All the best!

  5. Hi everyone,

    I would like to talk about parents’ opinions concerning using Facebook. We know all their opinions, but also as we know some teens use Facebook to talk about their political thoughts. Parents don’t like that. Do you remember? The twenty-fifth January revolution began from the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter…..etc
    Many teens get in problems because of politics and their accounts have been hacked.
    This is one of parents’ opinions about Facebook.

      • Dear Ghada,
        What a great comment you have written!
        Yes, I agree with your parents. Some teens use Facebook to talk about politics. This may causes some problems to them. My advice is to use our favorite tools wisely in a way that helps us and not to hurt others.

        Another point I want to talk about is the trust between parents and their teens. If there is some trust, all things will go well. Teens should also be responsible and do what they promise their parents to do.

        Thanks for sharing your great opinions, my lovely girl.
        All the best!

  6. Hi Miss,

    I want to say that all parents agreed that using Facebook is a waste of time. I don’t know why they think that although we enjoy using Facebook so much. I interviewed some parents. They said that Facebook is a waste of time and it affects our study badly. So that they refused to use Facebook on school days. They also said that they allowed their teens to use Facebook on holidays, but not all the time. Although most of them refused, there were some parents who agreed to their teens to use Facebook during school days when they Know that they used it to do school activities or anything is related to the study. In the fact, I failed to persuade them that Facebook is enjoyable tool to communicate with.

    Thanks for you time!

    • Dear Heba,

      Thanks so much for your great comment.

      I think that parents refuse because they didn’t use it and enjoy chatting, sharing and discussing. Maybe because teens spend a lot of time doing things that are not useful. You said that they don’t refuse using it for study or school activities. This means teens are a part of the problem.

      As I said to Safy in the comment above, the best solution is to organize time and try to create a trust between teens and their parents.

      Thanks for sharing your interviews’ responses with parents.
      All the best!

  7. Hi Miss and my friends,

    I enjoyed very much when I interviewed my parents. They refuse the idea of using Facebook at all during school days because they think it is a waste of time and it has a bad effects on our eyes. They sometimes allow me to use Facebook during the holiday.

    Thanks Miss!

    • Dear Esraa,
      Thanks for sharing what you found. I noticed that most parents refuse using Facebook on school days because it wastes their teens’ time. The most interesting result is that they think of the health problems that this tool can cause for their teens. Maybe they are right as teens spend a lot of time in front of their computers.

      Great work as usual!

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