Week 4 Task 2: Translate Teens’ Responses!


Dear students,

In week 4 Task 2, you are going to work together to translate the teens’ Arabic responses into English.

Please, read the post carefully before starting the task.

To complete this task, follow the steps below:

  • Go to this link.
  • If you remember your Outlook e-mail, click “Sign in” on the top right corner of the page. Then, write your username (For example … azharyoussef@live.com) and password.


  • Then, click “Edit Document” on the top left corner and choose “Edit in Word Web App” to start working on the file.


  • If you don’t remember your Outlook e-mail, don’t click “Sign in” and click “Edit in Browser” directly on the top left corner of the page. This will help you to edit the file together.


  • Read each sentence carefully and start translating it into English. Don’t forget to write your name next to your translation.
  • If you need a help, go to http://www.bing.com/translator.
  • Copy the sentence in Arabic and paste it in the first column as shown in the image below.

Bing Translate








  • Copy the English translation and paste it in our file.  Bing translator will just help us, but it is not the final work. You have to revise it again by removing and adding words and correcting the grammar.
  • Don’t worry! The file is aromatically saved.
  • If you need any help during your work, click “Comments” on the top as shown below.


  •  To post a comment, stand on the part you want to ask a question about, and then click “New Comment” as shown in the image below:


  •  Don’t forget: Everyone of you should correct 5 sentences.
  • When you finish your work, write a comment here that you did the task and tell me why you enjoy it or not. You can also tell me what problems and difficulties you have faced during doing the task.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing your cooperative work.

13 thoughts on “Week 4 Task 2: Translate Teens’ Responses!

    • Dear Sarah,
      I see you working actively with a huge excitement. Your translation is extremely great. Keep up the great work! Have you faced any problems while doing the task? What is the most difficult for you: to find the suitable words or the correct grammar of sentences?

      I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

      • My lovely Miss,
        The only problem I faced at first is the password of the email. The second problem was not about the words I need when translating, but the correct grammar of sentences.

        • Dear Sarah,
          You can work on the file without your e-mail. It is great to know that choosing the suitable words was not a problem for you. You can also use Bing translator. For the correct grammar, it just needs to practise the rules we had in our classes.

          I will search for some resources that explain grammar and send them to you in a post soon.

          Keep up the great work!

  1. Hi Miss
    Again, it’s a great task :).
    I loved (How to convince your parents to use your way to communicate) section.
    I’ll use it to convince my parents 😀

    • Dear Kholoud,
      Yes, I noticed that. This because you start doing this task a little bit late. You can choose any sentence translated by your friends and write another translation next to them. Then, we can compare which one is better.

      I’m looking forward to seeing more translation.

  2. Hi Miss,

    I loved this task so much. We have been learning a lot through this task.
    And thanks so much to you Miss for your help to us! 🙂

    • Dear my lovely girl,
      I’m so happy you liked this task. You did an amazing job with your friends. I noticed how much you learned and helped each other to do the best. I’m proud of you all.

      All the best!

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