Week 3 Task 4: Document your Work


Dear students,Upload your Photo

The fourth task of week 3 is to upload the photos that you took while interviewing and working with other teens. This will help us to document our work of the project.

To upload your photos, follow the steps below:

  • Write something in the comment box. For example: In this photo, Heba and Esraa are interviewing two teens from another school.
  • Click “Browse” to choose the photo you want to upload.


  • Choose the photo you would like to upload from your computer and click “Open”.
  • The last step is to click “Post Comment”.

14 thoughts on “Week 3 Task 4: Document your Work

  1. Sorry Miss for my delay, but this was because of a fault in my computer … 🙂
    This is the image that I was able to take with some friends and relatives 🙂

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