Week 3 Task 3: Interview Teens to Know their Opinions


Dear students,

face-to-face meeting

Retrieved Dec. 19, 2013

The third task of week 3 is to interview other teens face-to-face either inside or outside the school to know their opinions about their favorite ways to communicate with others. You can use the Arabic version of the survey. In the next week, we will translate their responses into English.

Please, tell me how many teens you have interviewed in a comment and what problems you may face while doing this task.

Download the survey in Arabic:

25 thoughts on “Week 3 Task 3: Interview Teens to Know their Opinions

  1. Hi Miss;

    I have met many of the teenagers inside and outside the school.
    I do not think I had problems because the survey is very good, and writing the survey in Arabic and English together helped me a lot to make others understand what we want.

    I have enjoyed a lot doing this task 🙂

    • Dear Safy,
      You always surprise me. Your language becomes so great. Now, you can express what you want to say so easily. I found no mistakes in grammar or spelling. Really, you do well in all tasks. You are a great model to be followed by your friends here.

      I’m so happy you liked this task. Would you please tell me how many persons have you met? What is their reaction? Have they liked the idea of this project?

      I’m looking for ward to hearing from you!

      • Hi Dear Miss,

        I have met 18 teenagers inside the school and 21 out of school.

        I think they enjoyed this experience so much.
        I see the excitement and thrill in the eyes of every person when he or she asked me about this survey or what is the use of the data collected.
        And also I enjoyed so much when talking about the project, our cooperation, and your helps to us.

        I do not think that’s just my opinion, but I think a lot of my friends have this idea, too.

        • Dear Safy,
          What a great comment!
          I’m so happy your friends like this survey. I also saw this thrill and excitement in your eyes. Your help to your friends is something I want to thank you about.

          Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi miss,
    I have not met many of the teenagers inside the school, but I met many of them outside the school. They didn’t have any problem. The survey was easy and they loved it so much.

  3. Hi miss,

    I have met many of the teenagers inside and outside the school.
    They didn’t have any problem. I think they enjoyed this experience so much.

    Thanks miss .. 🙂

  4. Hi Miss,
    I was with Safy, Esraa, and Omnia during their meeting with many teenagers inside the school.
    Is that OK?
    In addition to this, I interviewed my cousins. They liked it and wish us the good luck. 🙂

    • Dear Ghada,

      Yes, it is OK. This is enough. I just want you to talk about the interview. How the teens think about the project and if there are problems while the interview.

      I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

        • Dear Ghada,
          Why did you remove the photo of your profile? It was lovely. Please, go to your name on the top right corner of the page, choose “Edit Profile”, and upload a photo.

          If you need any help, please let me know.

  5. Hi Miss,

    I’ve met 10 people from teenagers inside and outside the school and parents. However, I had a problem. The problem was not in teens, but it was in the teens’ parents. They asked ​​me to type for them. 🙁
    But, they admired the project and think it is incredibly wonderful. 🙂

    • Dear Sarah,
      Do you mean you asked the parents to complete the survey? Actually, we need teens not parents to complete the survey. We will ask parents later for other suggestions if they don’t like their teens’ favorite tools.

      Anyway, thanks so much for your efforts.

      • Miss,

        I asked the parents why they are objecting the use of Facebook or our engagement on Facebook.
        And there is no any problem at all. I loved this task.

  6. Hi Miss and everybody,

    I interviewed 11 teenagers inside and outside of the school. I think they enjoyed the survey so much.
    They have no problems completing it. 🙂

  7. Hi Miss,
    I’ve met a lot of friends and relatives’ teenagers and asked them for their opinions. They told me that they love it so much and others have told me it’s a good way to enjoy and communicate with each other.

    • Great comment, Sarah Ahmed!

      Your writing style is wonderful. I always enjoy reading your opinions. I’m also so happy that your friends loved the survey and found it a good way to communicate among teenagers.

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