Week 3 Task 1: Just Try the Survey!


Dear students,

The first task of week 3 is to take the following survey (or questionnaire) before sharing it with other students. Please, don’t share it with other students now. I just want to try it first on you. Maybe we add or delete some of the questions.

Aims of the Survey:

The aims of this survey are:

  • What favorite ways of communication do teenagers (teens) use in their everyday?
  • How often do they use them?
  • Why do they use these ways of communication?
  • What is the opinion of their parents about using these ways of communication?








After taking the survey, please, write a comment telling me your opinion about it. You can choose any of the following choices:

  • I like it.
  • I don’t like it.
  • I want to add a question (And write the question you want to add).
  • I want to delete a question (And tell me which questions you want to delete).

26 thoughts on “Week 3 Task 1: Just Try the Survey!

  1. Hi Miss,
    I did it.

    These questions are really wonderful. I like them so much. I do not want to delete or add something to them. They are enough. I answered the questions honestly. Actually, they are enjoyable.

  2. Hello everyone,
    Hello my lovely miss,
    I liked the questions very much, but I want to add a question:

    If the parents do not agree with this tool such as Facebook, why don’t they look for another tool to communicate with?!!!

    • Wow!
      What did your mom ad dad tell you about the project? What is their opinion about your favorite tool? Do they agree about your use for this tool?

      I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

        • Dear Ghada,
          You can tell us your opinion. Please write what we can add, remove or modify. No end for something we are doing.

          I just want to tell you that nothing is perfect. We can hear each other to improve our work to be better.

          I’m looking forward to hearing from you, my dear princess.

          • Okay!
            Some families never mind their teens to set on the computer using any tool. The problem comes from teens themselves.Their families trust in them, but when they get bad marks, the (family) starts to prevent them from using the tool at all. So, I’m just saying that some problem comes from teens.

  3. I love this work so much.
    I want to add a question: why do not use new tool that has all the wanted qualities?
    I do not want to delete any questions. All of them are excellent.

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