Week 2 Task 3 Why do you Choose this Tool?


Dear students,

  • The third task is to choose one of the communication means or social tools from your word clouds and write 5 good things (Advantages) and other 5 bad things (Disadvantages) about it.
  • You can use www.bing.com to find more information about it.
  • Post what you have done in a comment below.
  • Don’t forget to cite the information you are going to collect. Cite means to copy the link of the website from which you took the information and paste it at the end of your work.

I hope you enjoy this task!

All the best!

45 thoughts on “Week 2 Task 3 Why do you Choose this Tool?

  1. Hi Miss,

    I will talk about Facebook 🙂

    Good Things:

    – Staying connected with friends and family far and near.
    – Connecting with folks around the world.
    – Having the ability to reach multiple friends with one post.
    – Seeing what friends are up to.
    – Groups are great for connecting with others that share similar interests.
    – Community games allow you to play with friends .

    Bad Things:

    – Some people are stalkers and will use any personal info you may post against you.
    – Identity thieves love to use facebook to create accounts on other sites using your name, pics, and information.
    – Lack of privacy
    – Loss of confidential data i.e your profile info
    – It’s addictive


    • Dearest Safy,

      You always amaze me.Your comment is neat and informative. I love your resource so much. I will share it with your colleagues here and other people who look at our blog.

      For the last point in your bad things list that tells it is addictive, I just want to know how many hours you chat with your friends on Facebook. Is it easy to forget about Facebook for 1 or 2 days without checking the updates and feeds?

      I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

      • Thank you very much Miss

        I will tell you, but this is a TOP secret =D

        I open FB all times.
        It is a way of communication between me and my friends.
        I open it to watch the news and close it quickly.
        I think it’s addiction for me …
        I’ve already tried to forget Facebook for a day or two, but I failed.
        That’s what my mother always disturbs me. She thought it affects my studies.
        But I’m always keen to set limits that I never skip it.

        • I agree with you Safy!

          Of course, you mom will ask you to stop facebooking because it is a waste of time from her point of view. I should admit that she is a little bit right. However, if you set your rules and follow them, it is OK.

          Happy Facebooking!

    • Hi my best friend Safy,

      I love your information about Facebook. Really, this happened with many of people whom I communicate whith, and it will happen again … I’m sure about this.

      I hope we can solve this problem soon.

      All the best my dear 🙂

    • Dear Safy,
      I love your work. Your “Bad Things” and “Good Things” are amazing. Actually, you talked about all the reasons in detail.

      Keep up the great work. 😀

  2. Hi miss
    I will talk about Twitter because I love it so much.

    First the Advantages:-

    – It takes less than a minute to create an account.
    – Notifying you that the good brevity makes sense.
    – You can follow anyone on Twitter, and anyone can follow you. Although there is an option to block someone from following you.
    – Twitter allows you to choose any available user name you’d like—creative or otherwise .
    – You can set your tweets to update automatically without having to log in on a regular basis.

    Second the Disadvantages:-

    – Twitter is so easy to join, virtually everyone has a Twitter account, so their server tends to get overloaded easily. It’s not uncommon to have trouble connecting to Twitter’s site.
    – Your message is in danger of being diluted among the masses. Chances are that most of the people who follow you on Twitter aren’t really paying attention to what you have to say.
    – You may not have any idea who is really following you.
    – You can’t count on the timely integrity of other tweeters’ information either.

    I hope you like it, Miss!



    • Hello my friend Heba ;

      I agree with you in all of this ,

      Precisely, when you say that ” -Twitter is so easy to join, virtually everyone has a Twitter account, so their server tends to get overloaded easily. It’s not uncommon to have trouble connecting to Twitter’s site. ” I think that “Because of this there are also a lot of non-real characters ”

      thank you very much I love all of your information my friend Heba .. 🙂

      • Dear Safy,

        I totally agree with you. This enables others to create accounts with unreal names. However, we sometimes need to hide our identity. There are some people who are shy to share with their real names. That’s why they choose such fabricating names.

        Great discussion you start!

    • Dear Heba,

      Do you really love Twitter? Do you have a Twitter account?

      Another question … what are the resources from which you took these lists of information? You can copy the links and paste them below your work.

      You did a great job!

  3. Hi miss
    I will write about Google Sites

    The Advantages of Google Sites:

    1. Free
    2. Fast and easy to edit
    3. No programming or database skills required
    4. Ideal for newbie who wants to build a website for the first time
    5. No software installation required
    6. Integrated with Google apps
    7. Creator can access tools anywhere
    8. Creator has full control on page access and permission
    9. Function as a basic project manager

    The Disadvantages of Google Sites:

    1. Limited functionality compared to other website builders
    2. Not really good website for business – not enough customization
    3. Apps only limited to Google apps only. Apps outside Google apps may be inapplicable
    4. The site URL must begin with “sites.google.com/site/” which is to long for a website
    5. Not Enough Information: you may have a click and it may have given you $1.25 but how that was determined, why it was so much (or not more); you won’t know, because Google doesn’t provide you with enough information.



  4. Hi Safy,
    I love your tool so much. I love Facebook, too because it makes me keep in touch with my friends.
    And I agree with you that Facebook caused addiction.I cannot leave a day without opening Facebook.There was also some identity thieves who love to use Facebook to create accounts on other sites using my names. I did not suffer from that, but some of my friends suffer from it so much. At least, I want to thank you for your great subject and I hope you a lot of progress.

    • Dear Heba,
      What a great comment you have written!

      You made many good points. Yes, it is a kind of a addiction, but with some rules as Safy mentioned, we can control ourselves.

      For using Facebook profiles, I agree with you, it is a big problem. That’s why we have to make them private and share them with just our friends. Also, you have to know who is adding you before approving his or friendship.

      Thanks for your fruitful discussion!

  5. Hi everyone,

    I will talk a bout Twitter.

    The Good Things:

    1. Twitter allows people to keep other channels of communication tidier.
    2. We can communicate with our friends and people around the world.
    3. We know what our readers think of us.
    4. It’s good for getting other people to read our opinions.

    The Bad Things:

    1. Some people use it to publish bad pictures.

    • Dear Kholoud,

      I also love Twitter so much. With just 140 characters, you can send very valuable messages. You can find many great people to learn from them. I have a lot of friends from all over the world. They helped me a lot to develop my skills of teaching. We can share websites, conferences, and online resources. We can participate in international projects with each other.

      Here is mine @azhar_youssef

      • Hi My friend Kholoud,

        I love your information about Twitter and I love Twitter, too.
        I hope that Twitter will resolve its soon.

        All the best….!

  6. Hello Miss,
    Hello Every Body,
    I Will talk about “Facebook”.
    I like it very much. It’s the most famous tool of communication.

    First the Advantages:

    – To connect with family and friends.
    – You can use Facebook to upload your images and videos.
    – It’s a major source of entertainment for people around the globe. Since, Facebook is a global social networking site available in various languages, country and language is not a barrier.
    – College students and youngsters are using Facebook for making new friends.
    – With the help of Facebook, you can connect to different people from anywhere in the world, because almost every people familiar with Internet are using Facebook. This gives us the opportunity to know more about their culture, values, custom and tradition.
    – Facebook gives us the opportunity to communicate with our Old friend very easily without any cost.
    – You can chat with friends by using Facebook.
    – Students can use Facebook for group study by creating a group only for studying. There you can share any information about your projects, homework, assignments, exams, due date etc.
    – Moreover, Facebook also provides many kinds of online games.

    Second the Disadvantages:

    – Facebook is an addiction. Once you join it, you are likely to spend most of your free time doing something or the other on Facebook.
    – Facebook often brings bad effects on students results.
    – Facebook chat doesn’t work properly.
    – There are plenty of groups and Fan pages out there which are being created to abuse or violate other religion, personalities, nation etc.



    • Dear Smaa,

      Your comment is fabulous. I love point “4” that is about using Facebook to connect with many people from all over the world. This will helps us to know their values, traditions, and customs without traveling to them. It s easy to travel by mind not body.

      For the disadvantages, I totally agree with you. It is a kind of addiction and once you start facebooking, you can’t stop. However, we can set some rules as Safy mentioned to prevent ourselves. For example, we can open it for an hour daily to check updates and reply to our friends.

      Please, choose one comment of your friends and reply to it to complete task 4.

      All the best!

    • I agree with you Smaa.
      All you said is right. Facebook is one of the most common tool of communication in the world because we use it to communicate with others around the world. Without it, we can not do this project.

  7. Hi Miss,

    I will talk about Yahoo email:

    The Advantages:

    – Yahoo Email is far better in my opinion than desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
    – Yahoo Chat is available without downloading Yahoo
    – Yahoo Email has a very nice calendar feature.
    – Yahoo Email has a notepad feature which I also really like.
    – Yahoo Email uses Norton Virus Scan to scan all your emails before you can read them.
    – Yahoo’s Stationery options are a nice bonus.

    The Disadvantages:

    – You cannot use POP with a free Yahoo Email account.
    – There are a ton of ads on Yahoo Email.



    • Hi my best friend Dana,
      I liked very much your information about Yahoo. I agree with you in all of what you said.Yahoo site is very cool. A lot of people use it and communicate with a lot of people through it. I hope that we solve the negatives and turn them into positives.

  8. Hi my dear friend “Safy”,

    I loved your information about the benefits and damages of Facebook.
    And I agree with you, too.
    I also like Facebook because it is the tool that I communicate with my friends
    And Facebook is the most common and widely used among teenagers.
    I used it everyday, and I can not stop using it.
    Thanks my dear Safy.
    I wish you more success!

  9. Hi My teacher
    Hi My best friend Smaa,

    I agree with you my friend that Facebook makes the distance between people so near and it helps us to know more friends from all over the world. You are right when you say that Facebook makes us communicate with our old friends. You are also right when you say that it is a waste of time if we don’t select the suitable time to use it.

    Thanks a lot for your info!

  10. Hello guys … How are you?
    I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Skype 🙂

    Firstly the Advantages:

    – free communication
    – can call across the world
    – cheap to use (if you are a subscriber)
    – brings societies together
    – has potential to be a great technology
    – Video chat with friends and family
    – App can be downloaded onto iPhones and Android phones
    – Compatible with Mac and PC
    – Basic version is free
    – Businesses can use this program to save money

    Secondly the Disadvantages:

    – need internet access
    – has a negative effect on outside world contact with others
    – requirements to use it keep people from using it (computer, headphones, webcam)
    – no language translator
    – International calls cost money
    – This program could be another tool used for cyber bullying

    That’s all what I have ……… I hope you like it 🙂

  11. Hi miss

    I will talk about The advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook:

    Advantages of Using Facebook:

    1.Facebook is free and it’s one of the best medium for communication.
    2. We can share our feelings and what’s happening around in our daily life through Facebook.
    3. Facebook has good privacy setting which gives you the option to maintain privacy according to your wish.
    4.Facebook Fan pages, groups, events etc are getting popular day by day. You can use these Fan pages and groups for promotional activities.

    Disadvantages of Using Facebook:

    1. The biggest disadvantages of Facebook is its addiction which causes many problems, mostly because it kills our precious time.
    2.Fake profile and ID! Fake profile is one of the biggest disadvantage of Facebook. Now it is easier to create fake profile with a stolen picture.
    3.There are plenty of groups and Fan pages out there which are being created to abuse or violate other religions.
    4.False report! Many people lost their precious Facebook ID because of false report. Facebook administrator should be careful on that.



    • Wow … this is very cool!
      The information is simple and good. I also agree with you about a lot of the points related to the disadvantages of using Facebook.
      I wish you a lot of progress 🙂

  12. Hi everyone,
    I would like to talk about ”Twitter”.


    – I love it because it helps me to contact people.
    – I love it because there is no profile fake such as Facebook.
    – I love it because when I do not want to talk to anyone they can not see me.


    – I do not like Twitter because of the large amount of time I spend on the computer. It may cause low vision.
    – Twitter addiction has caused me not to live normally.

    Just this, I hope you love my comment.

  13. Hi miss,

    I will talk about The advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook:

    Advantages of Using Facebook:

    1- It is a way to get to know new friends.
    2- It is a means for entertainment.
    3- We can talk and discuss with people from all over the globe.
    4. We can get to know their experiences, their customs and traditions.
    5- We stay in touch with old friends and relatives.

    Disadvantages of Using Facebook:

    1- The amount of time the youth waste in front of computer screens.
    2- It becomes a kind of addiction.
    3- There are people who learn about your personal information.
    4- Sometimes it is boring.

    I hope you like my opinions about Facebook.
    All this information is out of mind.

    • Dear Sarah,
      Your work is very fantastic. I’m so happy you didn’t use any websites and wrote these great lists of sentences out of your mind. You are so brilliant student. This is what I want everyone to do.

      Big Like, my dear!

  14. My favorite tool is Facebook.

    Good Things:

    1- Facebook plays a very important role in getting latest valuable information. Facebook fan pages and users are constantly sharing many valuable news and information.

    2- You can chat with friends by using Facebook.

    3- Many popular organizations are using Facebook to give regular updates to their fans. So, through Facebook you stay closer to any famous person or organization.

    4- Students can use Facebook for group study by creating a group only for studying. There we can share any information about our projects, homework, assignments, exams, due date etc.

    Bad Things:

    1- There are plenty of groups and Fan pages out there which are being created to abuse or violate other religion, personalities, nation etc. This kind of disgusting activities is not acceptable in a global site like Facebook. Facebook administrator should take necessary steps against all of these abusing groups & pages.

    2- Facebook often brings bad effects on students results. Badly Facebook addicted students do not get good marks in their exams unless they cheat or way too smart for the class!

    3- People can talk to you and get your personal information by using Facebook. It is highly recommended not to share your personal information publicly.

    4- Beside students, people who works in offices wastes their time in browsing Facebook. That’s why many offices have decided to block Facebook completely from their network.

    Resources I used:

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