Week 2 Task 1 Guess what I want to Tell you!


Hello students,

Here is the first task you are going to complete during week 2.

  • Look at the word cloud below and guess what I want to tell you!
  • You will find the keywords in the picture. Please, guess the whole 2 sentences and post them in a comment.
  • If you can’t see the picture, please download an application called “Silverlight” first. Click here or that link to download.  Once you download it, double click the application and press “Run” to install it. Now, refresh the page and enjoy paying this game.
  • I’m looking forward to reading your guesses.
  • I will announce the winners at the end of the week!

If you can’t see the picture above, here is a clear one, but without zooming words.

Pigeon Message

Click here to see a big version


27 thoughts on “Week 2 Task 1 Guess what I want to Tell you!

  1. Hello miss

    The message is : “You have finished the exam last week , I hope you’re ready to start a New great week with us “…

  2. Hi miss,
    I hope that this is the message.
    The message is: I hope that you did good in November exams and I hope you are ready for a new great week with us 🙂

  3. Hello Miss,
    This is the sentences:
    1-I hope that you have done well in the exams .
    2-We are going to start anew week ,You should be ready.

  4. Hi miss,
    I hope the message is:
    Hello my students you have just finished the exams in November. I hope you have done great and I hope to be ready to start anew one next week.

  5. Hi miss,
    Here is my guess:
    Last week you had finished the tests. I hope for everyone to get high marks. We are going to start a new week. I hope you get ready for this new week and you should study hard. This is great for you.

    I hope that this guess admires you!

  6. Hello miss,
    The message is:
    I hope that you are doing a good job in the exam next week and be well ready and start reviewing your lessons to be a new beginning and to achieve something great.

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