Week 2 Task 3 Why do you Choose this Tool?

Dear students,

  • The third task is to choose one of the communication means or social tools from your word clouds and write 5 good things (Advantages) and other 5 bad things (Disadvantages) about it.
  • You can use www.bing.com to find more information about it.
  • Post what you have done in a comment below.
  • Don’t forget to cite the information you are going to collect. Cite means to copy the link of the website from which you took the information and paste it at the end of your work.

I hope you enjoy this task!

All the best!

Week 2 Task 2 Share your Word Clouds!

Dear students

The second task of week 2 is to create a word cloud and post its code in a comment. To do this task, please read the following steps carefully:

  • Look at the following picture or the background of our blog and write down all the means of communication you can see (nouns and verbs, e.g, chat on Facebook … etc). You can use a paper to write these words.
background social network
Click here to view the big version!
  • Once you finish, go to Tagxedo and create a word cloud using all the words you have written from the picture above. You can also add your own social tools that help you to communicate with other people.
  • Please, watch the video below to learn how to create word clouds using Tagxedo and how to embed it into a comment.
  • Scroll down the page and leave a comment putting the code that you have just copied.
  • If you can’t create your own word clouds using Tagxedo, please write a list of all the communication means you can see in the picture and send them in a comment. You can also add other communication tools you use in your everyday lives.

Week 2 Task 1 Guess what I want to Tell you!

Hello students,

Here is the first task you are going to complete during week 2.

  • Look at the word cloud below and guess what I want to tell you!
  • You will find the keywords in the picture. Please, guess the whole 2 sentences and post them in a comment.
  • If you can’t see the picture, please download an application called “Silverlight” first. Click here or that link to download.  Once you download it, double click the application and press “Run” to install it. Now, refresh the page and enjoy paying this game.
  • I’m looking forward to reading your guesses.
  • I will announce the winners at the end of the week!

If you can’t see the picture above, here is a clear one, but without zooming words.

Pigeon Message

Click here to see a big version


Week 2 has just started … don’t forget!

Dear students,

week twoI want to announce that week 2 has just started. Before doing anything, please, read this post carefully.

When you leave a comment, please check it many times. Check the spelling, and capital letters at the beginning of the sentences. The pronoun “I” should be capital all the time. When you mention your name or your friends’ names, you should write the first letter in capital. Also, don’t forget to put full stop at the end of the sentences. Look at the mistakes in grammar, too. These mistakes sometimes lead to misunderstanding. I hope you enjoy commenting putting the tips mentioned above into mind.

All the best!

Week 1: Check your Progress


By the end of week 1, please check what you have done.


Week 1 Task 4: Introduce Yourself

Dear students,

Once you create your own account on PrimaryBlogger, you can now participate actively by leaving comments and respond to each other.

The fourth  task in week 1 is to introduce yourself in some sentences talking about your name, what grade you are in, interests, hobbies, and how do you feel about this new experience?

introduce yourself

Retrieved Nov. 17, 2013 from here










Don’t forget to check your comments before posting. I mean spelling, capitalization, grammar mistakes, …etc.

I’m looking forward to reading your introductions!

Week 1 Task 3: Post your PrimaryBlogger Username in a Comment

Dear students,

The third task in week 1 is to post your username that you have created using PrimaryBlogger in a comment. To know how to create a comment, please watch this video.

It is a very easy task to do:

  1. Scroll down the page and find the comment box.
  2. Since you are logged in, you can leave a comment directly.
  3. Write your message in which you are going to add your PrimaryBlogger, e.g., johnsmith. I need your it to add you to our blog.
  4. Once you finish, click “Post Comment”.

Thanks for your patience!

Week 1 Task 1: Create an E-mail

Dear students,

The first task you are going to do in week 1 is to create an e-mail account using Microsoft free e-mail service Outlook.com.
 Outlook logo
Please, watch the video below to complete this task:
If you have any problem, please let me know. You can use the chat box in the home page or our Facebook group.

Welcome to our Blog!

Dear students,

I’m so happy to tell you that we are starting a new journey of learning. This blog is being created to be your online space where you can find all the announcements, tips, tutorials, weekly tasks, and resources needed to accomplish our project.

I feel so excited to work with you all. I’m sure that you will enjoy this experience so much. I know that this is the first time to learn and do projects online. However, don’t worry! I’m here to help you whenever you need a hand.

All the best!


Retrieved Nov. 16, 2013 and adapted from here